Welcome to the official site of the Washington Angus Association. Inside you will find information about our organization, as well as a list of Board Members, Officers and Membership. A calendar of events is enclosed as well. If you own or are interested in Angus cattle, we encourage you to join the Washington Angus Association. An online Membership Application is available for your convenience. If you have a need for further information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Washington Angus Association is to to further the production, improvement and sale of purebred Angus cattle by its members, of similar ideals by means of graded sales, certification of production testing, shows, advertising, community efforts and such other activities as best to promote the breed and demonstrate its qualities and to conduct all necessary business affairs in the accomplishment of the forgoing purpose and to encourage our youth to breed and show Angus Cattle. 

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